Press release for the album "Isolation"

When it comes to the world of Progressive Rock and the wonderful ethereal moments that capture its broad soundscapes, Michael Vuckovac the man behind the pseudonym, sits comfortably alongside his peers. With a collection of eight tracks that truly reflect his journey over the past four years, ‘Isolation is a deep dive into those moments that have propelled him forward over the past four years.

His third album as Michael’s Statement, he is no flash in the pan when it comes to his musical career. Born and raised in Pforzheim in the mid-70s, he has been immersed in the Prog Rock scene since the age of 5. From the psychedelic sounds of Pink Floyd, to Genesis, Rush, King Crimson, ELP and beyond, he has been singularly devoted to releasing music of the highest quality.

In the late 90s he began his own band Night Patrol and another incarnation Audrey’s Dance. In 2020. Successfully releasing an exceptional catalogue of music since that time, it is as Michael’s Statement where he really stamps his authority on the Art Rock and Prog Rock world with his sublime and complex arrangements that leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of musical excellence.

From its opening track ‘Aurora Borealis’ to the blissful finality of ‘One Moment of Silence’, the entire album is full of those moments that will stay with you forever. The orchestral majesty of the songs complimented with a deep dive into the rock universe are simply beyond outstanding. In today’s world of simplistic sound design, ‘Isolation’ stands mightily above the rest. Michael’s complete mastery of the recording studio is undeniable as each song is a story that takes audiences on a journey to unimagined pleasures.

Soaring guitar solos, thunderous drums, punctuated with the sensitivity of a virtuoso at play, ‘Isolation’ is more than a statement. It is a bold declaration that the journey is never ending and as we escape from the chains that have kept us back, we can all look to the future as a place to behold and enjoy.  




Released full albums:

The Night Patrol:

Return To Zero 1999

Lost Voice 2005

The Path 2008

Michael´s Statement:

Beauty Of Sadness 2012

Silent Creatures 2017

Isolation 2022