Audrey´s Dance "Human Abyss" out now

Released through all streaming services

New release Eternal Echoes(slusaj sine)

Released through all streaming services

Audrey´s Dance-"21-22" is out now! Released through all streaming services and YouTube.

New release "21-22" by Audrey´s Dance will be released on 06.01.2022 through all streaming services. The music video will be released on the "Michael´s Statement" YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Audrey´s Dance, full album "Ghost Town" is out now! Released through all streaming services.

New Michael´s Statement album "Isolation" is out now. Cd order over here in  the shop of the website or streaming through all platforms.

Order your cd  in my shop or look out for all the streaming services. Thanks for supporting my music.

25.03.2022 Releasing the second single "The Light" from the album "Isolation"  Check the video on YouTube.

11.02.2022 New single "Big Bang" is out now! Follow Michael´s Statement through all streaming services. Full album "Isolation" will be released on 11.04.2022. Pre-order your cd:

31.12.2021 New release "Dance of the Fire Witch" by Audrey´s Dance 

In 2022 I will release  the new Michael´s Statement "Isolation" album. Pre-order your cd now.  Full album release in April 2022.

07.11.2021 New Audrey´s Dance songs "The Flower Of Death" and "Vampires Kiss" are released through all streaming platforms.

New Michael´s Statement album "Isolation" is finished and will be released 2022 on cd and streaming services. Send a E-mail to to pre-order your cd. Audrey´s Dance  is now on Soundcloud and Bandcamp too. For supporting my music you can also buy the files here in my shop. Thank you 


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Vampires Kiss:




28.06.2021 New release by Audrey´s Dance "Electricity". Check the new video on Youtube. Release 02.07.2021 on Spotify and other streaming services.  You can also order the music on my website. Thanks for supporting my music.



Audrey´s Dance new song is online . Check the new video on Youtube and all streaming platforms.


Here I´am back on my birthday to update you about my new musical adventures. A really crappy year 2020 is almost finished and hope the new one will be a better one for us musicians and all the people around the world.

I work on few projects at the moment.  My "Statement" project, some new and old releases of my band "The Night Patrol" and a brand new project called "Audrey´s Dance"

I decided to release all the music on all digital platforms out there. Maybe Cd´s when enough songs are released and when YOU the listener ask for it. Please add "Michael´s Statement", "The Night Patrol" and "Audrery´s Dance" to your playlist whatever digital platform you use for listening music. It helps me a lot because the algorhitm will add my music to other playlists.

If you dont use those platforms please feel free to contact me to get the music. You are welcome.


"Beauty Of Sadness" and "Silent Creatures" are released  on

Also the first two "The Night Patrol" albums "Return to Zero" and "Lost Voice"

Third album "The Path" wil be released soon also new songs recorded 2017-2020.

The latest project "Audrey´s Dance" first single "Black Horse" will be released on all digital platforms on 13.11.2020

New "Michael´s Statement" music is also coming soon....there is a lot to do in future...stay tuned

Stay healthy and happy



New music video "Fear of the Dawn" online now!


New  video "Fata Morgana" from the upcoming album "Silent Creatures" is online.

New album "Silent Creatures" will be released on 24.07.2017. Pre-order the album now. The new album will also be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and over 150 other download shops.

April 2017

Michael decided to record a new "The Night Patrol" album in 2017. The band finished first recording sessions at Michael´s studio feat. Jörg Richter, Michael Klaus Langer and Mourad El Ayar. New album release will be in 2018.