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News 13.09.2015

New album will be released in 2016. Prepare to be progged. ;)


News 19.8.2013

The next MS album is in work. I recorded some new orchestral-proggy stuff. Peter and Steve will be again a part of this musical journey.

Also started writing some scores for few short films. I´m looking for some film producers to work together.


Order the album: michaelsmusic@gmx.de

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Or download at: iTunes, Amazon, Myspacemusic, Simfy, Nokia and more...Michael´s Statement - Beauty of Sadness

News 06.05.2012

Everything is finished and the promotion work will in the next 3-4 weeks until release in August. Thanks Max for the video for "Old Road Home".I think you will see it tomorrow and hear the first complete song. After all i want to thank all the musicians for working on this album and Nello Dell Omo for the artwork..Last but not least Tanja for making my website.Thanks..
Special guest musicians:
Steve Mills (UK)
Peter Jonasson (Sweden)
Dave Meros (USA)
Stefan Grob (Germany)
Ray Kurtz (USA)

Valentin Alvarez (Spain)
Art Lip (Germany)
Dereck Higgins (USA)
Paul Cecchetti (Ireland)
Giulio Cataldo (Italy]

Pre-order the album now: michaelsmusic@gmx.de


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