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News 20.05.2014

Oki..What´s new? I decided to record one seperate album alone by myself without special guests. It´s always a bit difficult with waitig until each musician finishes his parts. I hope to release the album with Steve,Peter and Groby next year . But the one on which i started working now shares some experiences in film scoring. It will be more like a score for a film.
It´s the story of Francis Gabriel, an ordinary guy..trying to understand the infinity of the universe. He thougt too much about it..and ended there..Out there..not alone
download release Dez. 2014.

News 19.8.2013

The next MS album is in work. I recorded some new orchestral-proggy stuff. Peter and Steve will be again a part of this musical journey.

Also started writing some scores for few short films. I´m looking for some film producers to work together.


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News 06.05.2012

Everything is finished and the promotion work will in the next 3-4 weeks until release in August. Thanks Max for the video for "Old Road Home".I think you will see it tomorrow and hear the first complete song. After all i want to thank all the musicians for working on this album and Nello Dell Omo for the artwork..Last but not least Tanja for making my website.Thanks..
Special guest musicians:
Steve Mills (UK)
Peter Jonasson (Sweden)
Dave Meros (USA)
Stefan Grob (Germany)
Ray Kurtz (USA)

Valentin Alvarez (Spain)
Art Lip (Germany)
Dereck Higgins (USA)
Paul Cecchetti (Ireland)
Giulio Cataldo (Italy]

Pre-order the album now: michaelsmusic@gmx.de


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